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Abe Bio Book Cover English, with photo of Keiko and Japanese writing of her name
English Version by GP Percussion

Keiko Abe: A Virtuosic Life: Her Musical Career and the Evolution of the Concert Marimba”

This is an inspirational biography that reveals Abe’s monumentally important contribution to the marimba. Steeped in the large landscape of music history, Rebecca Kite expertly captures the many tightly woven threads of Abe’s spellbinding life story.

Designed as both a biography and a history of the instrument, its music, its composers, and its musicians, no other book in our era — like Keiko Abe herself — has done so much to advance the marimba and the field of percussion on the world stage.”

   John Beck, Professor of Percussion, Eastman School of Music

“Join the thousands of percussionists who are now reading jazz and classsical music after using this book. You can learn this important skill and feel comfortable at any mallet instrument.” – Rebecca Kite

“An excellent book, well-written and organized for easy comprehension.” – John Beck

“The finest book of reading studies for mallet instruments I have seen.” – Kristin Shiner-McGuire

“I have always loved music of the classical guitar and lute repertoire. In this collection, I have chosen some of my favorite compositions to transcribe for you and using four and a third octave (low A) marimba. I hope that you enjoy them!” – Rebecca Kite

 * Music from the Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, and Romantic Eras

 * From beginning to advanced difficulty levels

 * Perfect for sight reading, juries, technical practice, and style study

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