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School Assemblies

Rebecca Kite presents Marimba!

Marimba! is a captivating and interactive assembly program for grades K-6. The musical performance, selection of pieces, and discussion features the marimba's multicultural history and the science of musical sound.

Multi-Cultural Music

Drawing on World Music traditions, Kite weaves the story of the marimba with her performance of its music using age appropriate language and activities. The program includes music of Africa, Guatemala, Mexico, Japan, and Eastern and Western Europe.


The Science of Musical Sound

The marimba itself - how it looks and the visual aspect of playing it - stimulates lots of questions from the students and provides the opportunity to demonstrate important concepts of the science of musical sound, for example: low pitches have long sound waves (played on the largest end of the marimba) and high pitches have short sound waves (played on the smallest end of the marimba). Topics include resonance, resonating chambers, sound waves, high and low pitch, and dark and bright sounds.

Recent Assembly Performances in Virginia

Hillsboro Elementary, Seldon's Landing, Frances Hazel Reid, Lucketts Elementary, Wise County Public Schools, Evergreen Middle School (Staunton)

"The kids LOVED it!" Tammy Acup, President Lucketts Elementary PTO

Schedule an Assembly

Marimba! is appropriate for school, library and other family programs, ages 5 to adult. I am on the Virginia Commission for the Arts Touring Program. Please contact me to discuss a performance.