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Marimba Concerts

Rebecca Playing Marimba

Acclaimed by audiences in South America, Spain, Japan and the United States, Rebecca Kite skillfully manipulates two and four and six mallets as she creates the music and rich tones unique to the concert marimba. This beautiful sounding instrument is made of bars of rosewood, known to Guatemalan and Mexican folk marimbists as the "wood that sings," suspended over resonators.

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Rebecca Kite's performances draw upon the rich heritage of folk music from around the world and from classical music repertoire. She performs contemporary works by Japanese and American composers, as well as her own transcriptions of music originally composed for classical guitar, lute, and cello. Kite's artistry and music may be heard on her two recordings, Across Time and Prism.

Your Program

Kite draws on her international experience and repertoire in programming marimba music that will connect with your audience.

Concert Review

"Opening with a passage for six mallets, it never lets up, requiring techniques for two, four and six mallets; a variety of different mallets for contrasts of sound; and rapid, lightning fast passage work up and down the instrument - Kite performing from memory, provided energy and excitement with an incredible performance!"

Concert review of "Prism Rhapsody" Concerto for Marimba and Orchestra by Keiko Abe. Claude Sluter, The Republic, Columbus, Indiana


Concerto with Orchestra

Prism Rhapsody, Keiko Abe
Concertino for Marimba, Paul Creston
Concerto for Marimba, Ney Rosauro
The Glory and the Grandeur, Russell Peck

Concerto with Wind Ensemble

Concertino for Marimba, Paul Creston
Concertino for Marimba and Winds, Alfred Reed

With Percussion Ensemble

Marimba Spiritual, Minoru Miki
Three Dances for Marimba and Four Percussion, Takayoshi Yoshioka
Concerto for Marimba and percussion ensemble, Ney Rosauro
Nagoya Marimbas, Steve Reich (duo)
Le Depre, Saul Cosentino (duo)

Chamber Ensemble

Histoire du Tango, Astor Piazzolla (marimba and flute or violin)
Casi una Trunca, Guillo Espel (marimba and flute)
Divertimento for Marimba and Saxophone, Akira Yuyama

Solo Marimba

Baiao for Marimba, Joan Griffith
Chacconne in d minor, J.S. Bach
Choro Bachiano, Ney Rosauro
Circe for Six Mallets,* Evan Hause
Conversation, Akira Miyoshi
Danza Caracteristica, Leo Brouwer
Dream of the Cherry Blossoms, Keiko Abe
Etude in C Major,** C.O. Musser
Five Pieces After Paul Klee, Toshiya Sukegawa
For Alice, Rebecca Kite
Ilijash,* Nebjosha Zivcovic
Itsuki Fantasy for Six Mallets, Keiko Abe
Jazz Suite for Marimba,* Joan Griffith
Kpanlogo,** Kakraba Lobi
Lady Hundson's Puffe, John Dowland
Leyenda, Isaac Albeniz
Mariachi, Kay Gardner
Marimba Dances,** Ross Edwards
Mbira Song,** Alice Gomez
Melancholy Galliard, John Dowland
Memories of the Seashore, Keiko Abe
Mexican Dances, Gordon Stout
Michi, Keiko Abe
Prelude in E MA, J.S. Bach
Raindance,** Alice Gomez
Recurrences,* Bruce Hamilton
Rhythm Song, Paul Smadbeck
Suite No. 1 in G MA,** J.S. Bach
Tambourin Paraphrase, Keiko Abe
The Shoemaker's Wife, John Dowland
Time for Marimba, Minoru Miki
Variations on a Theme of Handel, Mauro Giuliani
Yellow After the Rain,** Mitchell Peters
Zamba Para Eschuchar tu Silencia, Guillo Espel

*Commissioned by Rebecca Kite
** School Assembly Programs