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The Marimba

A modern day descendent of African and Asian xylophones, the concert marimba is made of tuned rosewood bars suspended over resonators. Learn more about this wonderful instrument in my presentation, --The Evolution of The Concert Marimba.

Rebecca's Music

This combination of simplicity and natural wood sounds give the performer infinite possibilities of rhythmical harmonies. Rebecca Kite expertly explores these possibilities by using her considerable technique and imagination, creating music that is captivating and musically satisfying. --Listen to music


"Rebecca Kite is a fine performer with an impressive technique and the ability to exploit all of the nuances of the marimba." Richard Burke, Fanfare Magazine

"A wonderful celebration of sound, melody and excitement." Claude Sluder, The Republic, Columbus Indiana

"Phenomenal performance." Alice Jolly, Columbus Pro Musica Orchestra

"Majestic and inspiring playing." Judith Klein, fan and mom

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